Trivial Quest is a gaming trivia RPG!

Correctly answer questions about your favorite video games, board games, and sports to defeat enemies. Earn gold, experience, items, and new abilities along the way as you vanquish the bosses of each world and hunt down the legendary Trivial Treasure!

Put your gaming knowledge to the test and take on this Trivial Quest!


-Over 7,000 video game, board game, and sports trivia questions!

-More than 60 different categories featuring your favorite genres, consoles, developers, players, and games!

-Battle enemies in Adventure Mode to earn gold, experience, items, and new abilities!

-Customize your own powerful combination of potions and abilities to conquer new worlds and bosses!

-How long can you survive against a gauntlet of opponents in Iron Man mode? Test your gaming prowess and best the high score of your friends and rivals!

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