Well Met!

Greetings wayward internet traveler!

Well Met (Small).png

My name is Chad and I'm the proprietor of this website. In a sense, I am the captain steering the ambitious game design vessel known as Dapper Alchemist. It may be a small operation (just me) at present, but I have lofty goals for this game studio.

I want to create entertainment that surprises, inspires, and delights its audience. I want the players of my games to get chills just like I did when warily approaching the epic battle with Magus in Chrono Trigger for the first time. I want players to cry laughing, just like I did, when a bob-omb randomly spawned into my friend's recoiled Falcon Punch in Super Smash Bros. I want the people that play my games to discover amazing secrets and master new techniques, like how to time a lightning bolt perfectly in Mario Kart 64 so that all the other racers unexpectedly fall off the giant ramp on Wario's Stadium and go back to the start of the course. I want to harness the intensity that follows a "nuclear launch detected" in Starcraft - as you frantically search for the tiny red dot in your base before it brings utter devastation.

I want to bottle the magic moments that I've had playing games over the years and gift that magic to players who have never truly experienced the surprises, the riotous laughter, or the sheer joy that great video games can provide.

Dapper Alchemist is just getting started, so stay tuned. I can't wait for you all to experience the magic moments this game studio will create.