Founded in 2016, Dapper Alchemist is a Denver-based independent video game developer. We create high-quality broadly accessible games with an emphasis on customization, character building, and fun.

You can find our games on iOS, Android, and the Chrome Web Store.


Where does the name "Dapper Alchemist" come from?

Alchemy was an ancient protoscience that employed technology, philosophy, and magic in the pursuit of highly ambitious goals. As a game developer I love the idea of combining technology, solid game design philosophy, and a little bit of magic to create great video games.

Why a “Dapper” alchemist in particular? Well, sex sells. And just look at our mascot. That guy's got sex appeal.


Exactly how dapper is the Dapper Alchemist?

Extremely. I can't emphasize this enough. You will require a cold shower after even the briefest of interactions with our mascot. And if you fall in love with him, God help you. You will only get hurt.

Alchemist Rose.png

Who are the designers on the Dapper Alchemist team?

Dapper Alchemist is currently a one-man operation run by me, Chad Johnson. I'm that guy in the picture below playing Settlers of Catan with the intense icy gaze of a musk ox.


But... what is a musk ox?

This is the mighty musk ox. Behold the majesty of the beast.

Musk Ox.png

How did you attain the gaze of the mighty musk ox? What's your story?

I'm a game designer, artist, and writer who grew up in the mountain-adjacent suburbs of Colorado. Like the mighty musk ox, I spent many winter nights trying to stay warm and fill my belly. Unlike the musk ox, however, I played quite a lot of Super Nintendo and thereby acquired a fascination with interactivity and visual storytelling. That fascination drove me to attain a versatile creative education. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Metropolitan State University of Denver, where I spent time honing my graphic design and creative writing skills.

Now I spend my time making games!

What are some of your influences?


What software/tools do you use to make games?

Construct 3, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and a Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet.

Can I publish videos of your games on the internet?

Sure! Feel free to monetize the heck out of those videos as well. The publicity and support is much appreciated.

Are you hiring?

Not at the moment, but an update will be posted if this changes.

Hey, you didn't answer my question!

You should e-mail Dapper Alchemist that question by using the form on our Contact page. You could also ask @DapperAlchemy on Twitter. However, if my grandparents are correct and this whole "internet" fad doesn't last much longer, please forward all questions to a thoroughly-shaken magic 8 ball.